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About the Greek System

At Georgia Tech, there are presently over thirty social fraternities and eight sororities. The Greek system at Tech is extremely active and involved on campus and in the community. All fraternities  work together under the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), while the sorority governing body is the Panhellinic Council. At Georgia Tech, approximately 30% of the campus is Greek.  In addition to leadership opportunities within each chapter,members of the Greek system tend to be more active outside of the system and hold positions in virtually every activity, sport, club, etc. on campus.

Practically all of the social activity at Georgia Tech occurs within the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities enjoy an environment conducive to meet new people and making new friends all over campus. There is always an opportunity to meet others through parties, mixers, sports, and various functions sponsored by fraternities and sororities.

There are many options when looking into joining a Greek organization, and all groups are different.  Each has a distinct style and attitude that makes it unique.  At Georgia Tech, there is a Greek organization for every individual.  Each Fall and sometimes during the Spring, fraternities and sororities host a week of events called rush, during which people who are curious about the system or who would like to join an organization may visit the houses.  Fraternity rush is a very casual event, in which all houses are open and offering free food and various entertaining events, such as comedians, hypnotists, bands, etc.  Click here to learn more about the next rush at TKE.

About TKE at Georgia Tech

The Beta Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Georgia Tech was founded in June, 1948 as Chi Epsilon Colony of the Georgia Institute of Technology. TKE is a nationally recognized Fraternity, dating back to 1898.  TKE at Georgia Tech is one of the largest and most influential chapters of TKE National, maintaining a membership of 70-90 members in an extensive property.  Beta Pi Chapter of TKE has been home to over 1,200 brothers since its organization in 1948, growing through six houses in the meantime.  Today, TKE is home to a diverse group of quality men, dedicated to making the most of their college careers, while gaining life experience through brotherhood, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. The history of TKE National from its creation by a group of Methodist seminarians at a small college in Illinois is an inspiring story, as is the history of our own Beta Pi Chapter.


Georgia Tech is one of the most academically challenging universities in the country and home to some of the finest students as well. The brothers of TKE subscribe to the benefits of a well-rounded college education, holding scholarship as the backbone of this education. Succeeding at Tech takes a great deal of time, effort, and hard work. At TKE, we have regular study hall sessions for associates and members, in order to encourage regular study time and to provide help when needed. We also have an extensive Word file, which we are putting on-line. (Word is a database of old tests, quizzes, homework, and notes taken by others in the past and compiled for future study use.)

The Teke House

The Teke House is located on the corner of Techwood Drive and 5th Street and houses 72 people - usually the entire active membership.  We own our own property, which is valued at over $1.25 million.  There are 38 rooms in the three story living quarters. Every room has cable, a/c, and two Ethernet connections to access our network as well as Georgia Tech's server. 1-2 people live in each room and every 2-3 rooms share a bathroom (i.e. no communal bathrooms).  The living quarters are connected by a hallway to the Social Quarters, in which we eat, have parties, mixers, and meet. In this building are located the laundry room, a large conference room, pool and game room, TV room, and kitchen.

Outside the house are the sand volleyball and basketball courts. There are two large decks outside as well as a courtyard between the two houses. Finally, behind the living quarters is TKE parking, independent of the Georgia Tech parking department, where members enjoy free parking close to the house. At TKE, we are very proud of our home and all the hard work we've put into it to build it to what it is today. In 1996, we added a great deal to the house in order to host the Irish Olympic Team during the Centennial Summer Games.


Being involved in any organization offers an opportunity for leadership experience. But being involved in a self-sustaining, financially independent, large organization like a fraternity offers even more chances to get involved and become a leader. At TKE, there are several areas in which one can become involved or lead.   Whether it's social, philanthropy, or athletic chairman, or treasurer, or president, every individual gets a chance to lead, and every leader is critical to the whole. There's not much that looks better on a resume than a key leadership role carried out in a large, active Greek organization.  Furthermore, Greeks are some of the most active people on and off campus.  Examples of campus organizations with which Tekes have recently been affiliated include the Student Government Association, FASET, Connect with Tech, The Ramblin Reck Club, Club and Intramural Sports (including Tech clubs such as Ice Hockey and Rugby), cheerleading, religious organizations, and various honor societies to name a few. Tekes are active not only on campus, but off campus and in the community as well. TKE takes part in numerous philanthropic events every year, including Habitat for Humanity, St. Francis Soup Kitchen, Trail and Park Clean-ups, and other volunteer work in Atlanta. College is a time, not of just growing intellectually, but as a person as well. We feel every person has potential to be a leader and, at TKE, we support his efforts to get involved in something  that interests him.

The Costs

One of the biggest questions young men have about joining a fraternity is the costs involved.  At TKE, we concentrate on getting the "most bang for out buck."  through careful budgeting, complete collection, and controlled spending.  We are fortunate to have good alumni oversight, solid financial history and savings, and a well-managed budget. All this comes together to offer one of the best financial options on campus for our members. Rent for living in the house is about $750 a semester, which includes use of the laundry facilities.  Our meal plan is very competitive at around $700 a semester.  The total bill every semester, including utilities, dues, meal plan, and any money we vote on spending that semester, usually comes to around $2400 each semester. Compare this to almost $3000-$3200 most freshmen pay their first semester.


The Tekes at Georgia Tech are one of the most socially active fraternities on campus. Every semester, TKE hosts band parties, DJ parties, mixers with sororities, and pre-game celebrations. Every Fall, TKE sponsors a Homecoming Semi-Formal and, in the Winter, a formal called the Red Carnation Ball Formal.  Every Spring, we have our traditional Yacht Party weekend. There are also Spring and Summer trips to Panama City, an annual rafting trip in the Summer, and road trips to watch Georgia Tech play away games.

What is TKE at Tech About?

At Tau Kappa Epsilon, we realize that our college years are going to be some of the best times of our lives and that the friendships we make here will last a lifetime. At TKE, we have a strong bond of brotherhood and friendship that, we believe, can help us overcome any obstacle and reach any goal. As a fraternity, we have accomplished much due to the hard work, dedication, and compassion of our members. We strongly feel that every member is important to the group and has a role to play in the life of the Chapter. The brothers of the Beta Pi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon encourage anyone interested in TKE, rushing, or just visiting, to come by and see what being a Teke at Tech is all about.

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