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Rush is the time when fraternities open their doors to prospective members and others who are curious about fraternities. At most colleges and universities most new members pledge during one major rush that occurs in Fall or Spring. It takes chapters months of preparation to publicize events and organize resources ahead of time. Overall, Rush is the single most important event of the year for fraternities because graduating members must constantly be replaced.  For more information, read our complete rush overview.  

Rush at Georgia Tech

At Georgia Tech the most important Rush takes place the first week of Fall semester when over 30 fraternities participate in an unstructured "free-for-all" in search of new members. Anyone can rush. There are absolutely no requirements or restrictions. Some chapters also rush in the Spring, and Summer, but these are much smaller and low-key than Fall Rush. Unlike some other schools where all pledges accept their bids at the end of Rush, at Georgia Tech rushees may accept their bids when they are granted. Some chapters allow pledges to accept their bids anytime during the quarter. 

Rush at TKE

TKE participates in both IFC Rushes (Fall and Spring) as well as Summer rush. Rush at TKE includes good food and entertainment, but most importantly the entire chapter comes out to meet new people. Events include bands, casino night, hypnotists, pro wrestling, etc. The food ranges anywhere from subs to mexican to seafood. Brothers encourage all to come have a good time, take a tour the house, ask any questions they might have about TKE or fraternities in general, and get to know the brothers.  If you're interested in rushing Teke at Georgia Tech, have a look at our rush calendar and fill out the reply form



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