Beta Pi's property includes four contiguous lots on the campus of Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta. The land is owned by the chapter's Board of Trustees. The Social Quarters sits on the Northwest corner of 5th Street and Techwood Drive, facing South on 5th. The dormitory sits to the North of the Social Quarters to which it is connected by a corridor on the East end of the property, running North-South along Techwood. The buildings and corridor thus form a U-shape open to the West. The Western end of the property contains a regulation volleyball court and a basketball quartercourt. The entire property slopes gently from East to West.  As well as being a place to live, work, and party, the House is also the center of much activity concerned with its maintenance and improvement, a feature of TKE life at Tech since 1948.   theHouse.jpg (36699 bytes)

The Social Quarters (shown here) contains a conference/study room,a billiards/darts room, a TV room, our kitchen, an apartment for the resident advisor,  men's and women's bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a two-story great hall, which is used for dining, meeting, studying, and parties.   This building was completed in 1994.   

The Dormitory stands behind the Social Quarters and is connected to it by corridors on two stories.  We have 69 bedspaces in one- and two-man rooms and 18 bathrooms located throughout the building.  Each room has ethernet connections to the house LAN, which is connected to the Internet through Tech's Eastnet project.  This building was built in 1972, substantially modified in 1988, and renovated in 1995-1996 to house the Irish Olympic Team during the Centennial Summer Games in Atlanta.  Yes, almost the entire Irish Olympic Team lived at the Teke House or, at least, spent some time there, during the games.  (However, most of the partying went on in Decatur and Buckhead.)   

A new pad has recently been laid in the courtyard between the Dormitory and Social Quarters to accomodate members' motorcycles.  Thus the tradition of "thunder alley" lives on at the Teke House. 

Photos From Around the House

frontSteps.JPG (33583 bytes)

Some brothers hanging out on the front steps a few hours before a Rush event.  The letters in the walkway are of steel, made in Birmingham, Alabama, and brought to the TKE house in the early 1970s.  They were installed in the sidewalk along Techwood until the stairs there were removed in 1993.  Then the letters were moved to their current location.

houseFront.JPG (53094 bytes)

Front of the House after Work Week  The tree on the far right is one of the few adult elms remaining on Tech campus.  the others, two maples and a gingko, were planted by Fred Krause around 1981.  All of these trees will be lost when Tech widens the sidewalk along Fifth Street. 

upperLevel.JPG (34944 bytes)

Inside the upper level of the Social Quarters.  That's one of the trophy cases on the left--yes, it's full and we need to build several more.  One day, this level might be fixed up more like a den at home but, for now, it's still sparsely furnished and sees a lot of use during parties. 

billiards.JPG (42433 bytes)

Playing in the Billiards Room in the upper level.  The table was bought by the Chapter in summer 1994 to furnish the (then) new Social Quarters.  Dart board and drink shelves were added during later work parties.  Couches are the finest available from of the Salvation Army Store on Marietta Street (of course.)

greatHall1.JPG (34445 bytes)

The Great Hall from the lower level.   Behind the guys standing upstairs is the Billiards Room.  Below them is the TV room.  The windows on the left look out on the Courtyard.

greatHall2.JPG (34996 bytes)

Slightly different view of the Great Hall from the lower level.  That's the den upstairs on the upper right.  Party lights attached to the rafters were added in the late 1990s. 

greatHallCrest.JPG (33769 bytes)

Great Hall from in front of the TV room on the lower level.  The doors lead out to the volleyball court.  The TKE crest was painted by one of our members, Wes Walker, in the mid-1990s.  The letters underneath were added a few years later.  The door on the left leads to the kitchen.    


tvRoom.JPG (20278 bytes)

The TV room.  The big screen is on the right and the stereo equipment is secured in the cabinet on which you can see a little TV.  Usually a set of house speakers is connected to the stereo and then set out by the volleyball court to provide music when people are hanging around outside.   This room was recently redone during a Work Week.  Couches and chairs are covered in genuine pleather--all matching! 

bellCourtyard.JPG (36126 bytes)

The  Courtyard with the Bell, which is rung when a new guys pledges and  on other "notable" occasions...   The bell was donated in the late 1990s by one of our old sweethearts.


balconyView.JPG (55142 bytes)

View of the volleyball court from the second floor balcony in the Dormitory.  You can see the balcony of the Social Quarters on the left.  The bell is barely visible as it blends into the column near the lower edge of the photograph.  By the volleyball court are several sets of benches and table built during Work Weeks in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

lowerYard2.JPG (52206 bytes)

View of the Social Quarters from across the basketball court.  That tree was planted in 1994 when the Social Quarters was built.  You can see the bell and Thunder Alley on the left.  The goal on the right is the latest in a long line of attempts to find one that can stand up to use at the TKE House. 

lowerYard1.JPG (48541 bytes)

View from the back of the property looking over the basketball and volleyball courts.  The court sees a lot of use and has to be repainted every few years.  The grill is used often for Friday cookouts during the warm months.  That's the Coca-Cola building on North Avenue (all the way across campus) in the background. 

deckLetters.JPG (55037 bytes)

View of the deck from downhill on Fifth Street.  This part of the deck was added in the late 1990s during Work Week.   Unfortunately, Tech intends to widen the sidewalks along this part of Fifth Street and we'll eventually lose this part of the deck and its planter as well as all the trees along the front of the House.

volleyBallGame2.jpg (184823 bytes)

A volleyball game in our court.   In the background is the Dormitory in which almost all the brothers live.   The volleyball court is ringed with a deck and other sitting areas, some of which you can see by the Social Quarters. 

room2.JPG (33015 bytes)

Here is part of a two-man room showing computer, couch, and ladder leading to loft space.  Brothers spend many hours and (sometimes) lots of money working on their rooms.  Once a brother is in a room, he has priority for it as long as he pays his bill.  The more consecutive terms he spends in the House, the more priority he gets to move into free rooms, which come open when both roommates graduate or move at the same time.  Eventually, he may have enough priority to move into one of the nine one-man rooms in the House. 

burnsRoom1.jpg (168265 bytes)

Brian Burns's well built-out room in one of the "senior" corners of the Dormitory showing the obligatory computer and refrigerator as well as his guitar.   His bed is in the loft above and he has built a  kitchen and entertainment center on the right.  Brian's extraordinary room is capable of housing *triple* shackers, one on each of two couches and the last in bed with Brian. 

danaRoom.JPG (46575 bytes)

Dana in the middle of unpacking from his summer abroad at Oxford.  In the two-man room he shares with Gary Obenski, all the photos on his walls and furniture were found on the Internet, printed at Kinko's, pasted, and varnished. 

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