TKE Beta Pi Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors

The Board of Trustees

The BOT holds the property of the Chapter in trust for future generations of Tekes at Georgia Tech.  The BOT is concerned with long-range planning and risk management.  Normally, the group meets twice each term but may meet more often if necessary.  Between meetings, most members of the BOT are only a phone call or e-mail away from each other and the Chapter.

Name Area Employer E-mail
David Adcock Ex Officio Former TKE National Officer
Fred Apple Emeritus
Chad Colman Facilities Geyer Construction
Mark Conlin Resident Advisor Georgia Tech, Mgt School
Curtis Doster Legal General Electric Power Systems
J. Steve Kenney Faculty Advisor Georgia Tech, EE School
Bob Kirkhuff Emeritus    
John Reagan Chairman Reagan and Associates
Scott Schmidt Facilities Lockwood Greene Construction
Michael Smith Finances, Chapter Advisor UNC Charlotte
Darrell Sumner Treasurer T. Stephen Johnson & Associates

The Board of Advisors

The BOA was formed in Fall Semester 2000 to help ensure continuity in the day-to-day operations of the Chapter.  It is composed primarily of young alumni (and a few brothers from "back in the day") who agree to a term of two years.  The BOA may never meet per se but each member agrees to meet with the officer(s) in charge of his area at least twice during the officer's term.  As with the BOT, members of the BOA are only a phone call or e-mail away from each other and the Chapter.

Name Area Employer E-mail
Brandon Boothe Membership Kimberly Clark
Chad Colman Facilities Geyer Construction
Jeremy Malcom Regular Maintenance - Sinking Fund Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Joel Fehrman Alumni Manhattan Associates
Dave Kane Bylaws Kamelhair & Shull dkane@kamelhairshull
Wes Schiel Rush CTG Healthcare Solutions
Chad Smith Ritual and Leadership Panduit Corp.
Michael Smith Finances UNC Charlotte
Andrew Tebbano TKE Beta Pi Alumni Assoc US Navy


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